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Jim will show you Methods to Discover All the Hidden Assets, You Already Have and Grow your Business on steroids!

Did you know- 95% of companies will never reach $ 1 million in annual sales. If you've done that, you're in the top 5% of ALL entrepreneurs and you are rare and are to be congratulated.

For those of you get that far, the remaining 95% won't ever make it to $5 million. And of those who get that far, 98% won't get to $10 million. Very, very few go from there to $100 million and beyond (Note: these numbers were good in good economic times).

What makes the difference between thriving and barely surviving in business in any economic climate?
The ANSWER: It's the skills developed and applied by the company leadership. THAT is the key element!

We have all the resources to help you master ALL the key areas that will take your business to the next level and beyond, faster, smarter, and more profitable thru our Breakthrough Consulting.

If you would like to sell more of your product or services to more people, more often, so you and your company can make more money, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about Jim Means and the Corporate Advisors.

If you've ever heard any of these names...

Peter Drucker Inventor of modern Management
CHARLEY CULLEN Pioneer Motivator - Trainer
EARL NIGHTENGALE Radio Personality Author - Teacher
Dr W. Edwards Deming Management Strategies hastened Japans MFG recovery
LARRY WILSON Author - Teacher
JAY BEECROFF Author & Trainer
ZIG ZIGLAR America's Foremost Sales Trainer/Author
Chet Holmes Best selling author/Corp Trainor
BILL GOVE Master Entertainment Speaker
HEARTSIL WILSON Master Motivator/Trainer
DR. KENNETH MCFARLAND The Master Platform Speaker
FRED HERMAN Consummate Sales Trainer
BOB RICHARDS Olympic Champion Motivator
PAUL HARVEY Radio/TV Personality - Speaker

J. DOUGLAS EDWARDS "King of the Closers"
CHARLES "TREMENDOUS" JONES Mr. Tremendous Motivator
CLINT MCGHEE Preeminent Automobile Industry Trainer
MAXWELL MALTZ Best Selling Author - Speaker
David Cooper The Top Direct Sales Educator
DAN BELLUS Master Mgmt/Sales Trainer
DICK GARDNER Trainer - Speaker
WILLIE GAYLE Sales Trainer
THOM NORMAN Telephone Sales Trainer
CAVETT ROBERT Dean of Platform Speakers - Founder of Natl Speakers Assoc
MERLYN CUNDIFF Speaker & Co-Founder of NSA
Jim Cathcart Speaker/Trainor/Author
JOE BATTEN Author & Sales/Mgmt Teacher
JAY ABRAHAM a Marketing Wizard

...it may be because of this one:

Jim Means!

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