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Consulting that provides Breakthroughs

The difference between mediocrity and making millions has more to do with MARKETING than any other single business factor. Almost any business can achieve astonishing growth, even in the midst of a severe economic downturn like the ones we face today. Marketing has a geometric capability to propel a business upward. Marketing is the bedrock of virtually all enduring business, which makes being a superior marketer, crucial to your business success.

Power is the ability to produce results!

Consulting that provides breakthroughs

Are you a business owner that's risked your life savings, and maybe even borrowed money, and you're still working tirelessly day and night seven days a week working in your business, and still not realizing the profits that you dreamed of and deserve? You've taken a huge risk and money and pride are at stake. You've invested a lot. Don't throw it all away and quit. No. It's time to call Jim Means and take your company up to the next level, with The Corporate Advisors. The Corporate Advisors have worked with all size companies, large and small, and they can maximize the potential for further growth, even in the current economy. Our experience has proven that we can make an immediate and dramatic increase in your business, regardless of the economy, or your competition.

Owners or CEO's

We work exclusively with CEO's that have a vision and want to build their business from where they are today to where they want to be next year and beyond.

Many businesses are in an awful rut these days. That's because they don't know what steps to take to tap into what we call 'the secret wealth of a bad economy.' There's much more economic activity going on, even now, in the midst of what many have called the worst economic downturn since 1930's

After we look at your overall business and ask how we might double revenues, profitability, market share or whatever metric is most important or relevant to you, the CEO/Owner.

The question at that point is what's the best strategy for this to be accomplished in your market, what tactical efforts should be employed that will best support the strategy and accomplish objectives established.

Solutions Result From Strategy Combined with Tactics!

Thinking, operating and implementing both strategy and tactics are key ingredients for your success. However, the ones who may be good at a strategy often do not have the breadth of knowledge to actually implement it with the proper tactics. Having worked across scores of industries and sectors, many times we can bring strategies and tactics from an unrelated industry, to be applied to your business, that will achieve spectacular results, that you would never imagine. This is how breakthroughs occur.

Jim Means is uniquely qualified to cause breakthroughs. Jim has worked together in concert with some of the greatest minds in business such as Jay Abraham, Clint McGhee, Peter Drucker, Dr W. Edward Deming, Chet Holmes and dozens of others through his career, which developed Jim as a Business Master.

No other consultancy can provide to you what Corporate Advisors can provide regardless of price. Corporate Advisors are compensated on new Profits shared they generate. Results in Net Profits or No Fee to Corporate Advisors

Corporate Advisors are one of a kind in that they provide the perfect balance of brilliant strategy tied to powerful tactical execution. This has been the track record for over 25 years, which you can recognize from those who were clients over the years in the testimonials.

The Process

Initially, an exploratory interview is arranged. If there appears to be potential to maximize your business, a deeper, more thorough interview is conducted to continue the due diligence of whether it is a fit for each other.

Together, if it's determined if it's worthwhile to work together. We get started in our proprietary, strategic growth process. You will begin to really get excited as we get started. We conduct an in-depth audit and in that process we will interview key executives in your company and look for areas where we can create real breakthroughs. These are the areas we can have the most impact to reach a breakthrough.

Breakthrough ... Breakdowns

We look to determine potential breakdowns, for weak points that may break under the onslaught of new business. As an example, we could ask the question, 'Suppose we can double the size of your company in 12 months, will your customer service department be able to handle that?'

How about the operations and manufacturing? Every potential area of weakness must be identified before we execute our strategies. We need to find and fix any potential breakdown in advance. Not doing so can be devastating.

Additional details for the audit process consist of deep diving into the sales processes, marketing and any other department that is relevant to potential breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Real World Experience and Expertise

This process and analysis is what sets up apart from newly minted MBAs. You will work with people that have proven themselves in the trenches by owning their own successful companies or managing successful companies or managing major divisions of other companies.

We know what it's like to be kept awake at night sweating over payroll, reworking plans to combat a new competitor or take advantage of a new opportunity. You are only working with senior consultants from start to finish. It is the experience and pedigree of our people you will be working with that really sets us apart.

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If you are looking for serious solutions to stop the bleeding or grow the vision you have for your business, schedule your free business diagnosis call with one of our vice presidents today. If you're not ready to see if you qualify to work with us, read through some of our testimonials to see how big a breakthrough and explosive results our clients have achieved from working with us.

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