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Jim Means is a super business and marketing strategist who has worked with Wall Street firms to Main Street business owners and advised Fortune 500 Company executives as well as a strategist advisor for two United States Presidents, Political eCampaigns.

When the money is on the line and success is critically important and losing is not an option, Jim Means gets the call and he gets results by increasing sales, productivity, and boosting profits.

If increased profits are important to you and your business, maybe Jim can do the same for you.

Jim's immeasurable experience comes from years of working with a range of clients for consulting, teaching and training thousands of companies spread across over 300 industries.

A master business coach to executives

In addition to being a master business coach to executives, Jim has years of hands-on experience acquiring, managing and selling a dozen of his own companies:

The greatest and most famous Business minds of the time

Jim got his early training from some of the greatest and most famous Business minds of the time. He helped pioneer the Commercial Seminar Industry, by selling these great Masters in cities across America. Through the years, a number of these Giants partnered with Jim in consulting.

Jim, along with Zig Ziglar, started a company named Zigmanship Institute of America, which is now today known as Zig Ziglar, Inc., and is one of the largest sales management training companies in the world.

Cavett Robert recruited Jim to help form and market membership in The National Speakers Association, now with chapters around the world and upwards of 4,000 professional Speakers.

Jim is a highly sought after speaker at many prestigious Universities across America. Early in his career, because of his success in the seminar business, he was ask to run local, county and state-wide Political Campaigns.

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