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Jim has worked with our people to improve our Total Quality Management program. He has conducted a number of workshops that have dramatically improved their productivity, as a result of more effective interaction with their co-workers. We are all very enthusiastic about his work which has been a true value added to our team. (Rex Wilson, General Manager - Baker Oil Tools)

Thanks for the quality of your work and professionalism you have demonstrated over the past 3 years. You have taught us how to improve productivity through our people. We decided it worked so well, let's try this on our customers. This also has been a powerful increase in Sales. Labels One is a stronger company with a more effective productive workforce and you played a key role in making it happen. (Fredrick E. Polizzi, President - Labels One Inc)

What an experience! I am expressing my enthusiastic endorsement of Jim Means. After attending one of his intense training workshops, it was the most in-depth intense session I have ever experienced. My people learned more about selling than they could ever imagine before attending. Thank you. (Jim Dunn, President - Mill Creek Lumber and Supply)

I want to let you know in the short time I"ve worked with you, you have done more to make me the kind of sales person I've always wanted to be, than anyone or anything else in 17 years of my career. I strongly recommend you to any company who desires to improve sales and marketing. (G. Wayne Hall, Exhibit Sales Director - North American Exhibit Corporation)

Jim has consulted us for almost a year. He has designed systems to evaluate our personnel and their productivity. He has provided outstanding results. We are extremely pleased with his work. I am happy to recommend him and his services. (Jim W. Dawson, President - Zebco)

Your Business knowledge and ability to transfer it to get powerful results is very powerful and useful. I want to recommend you to any company that needs results. (Jim Hiehauf, President - Occidental Petroleum Corporation USA Inc)

You have provided our bank with a tremendous service in teaching us how to hire people and communicate with them. Thanks. (John J. Rowland CEO - Valley National Bank) 

You have a way to make us really probe deeply in our way of communicating and getting results. (Dean Van Trease, President - Tulsa Community College)

Through your work we have learned how to cut turnover in the company. We are now building a better team effort as a result. (Don Fletcher, District Manager - Browning Ferris Ind.)

Your work has been a revelation to me. I learned a lot about my managerial style and how I communicate to any engineers but showed them also how to communicate to get results. Our work effectiveness has skyrocketed. (Steve Pembleton, Engineering Chief - HNTB)

I am elated that Jim took over a couple of distressed schools. We are getting powerful results. (John Thompson, Superintendent - Tulsa Public Schools)

Jim brought me around and put things in focus of how I see myself versus how employees see me. (Dan Freeman, General Manager - Freeman North American Van Lines)

Jim is unique. I have never experienced anyone so on target. (Bonnie Brewester, Executive Director - Magic Empire Council of Girl Scouts)

Wow, Jim has taught us how to hire better and cut turnover. This is resulting in some serious money savings. (Barry Bruce, Presidente and CEO - Tan Data Corporation)

Jim has given us some powerful strategy tools. We think his work is great. (Phillip M. Owen, Postmaster - US Postal Service)

We have learned a new strategy to understand our customers and therefore sell a lot more and build a long-term relationship. Thanks to Jim. (Keith Walvood, Branch Manager - CSC Credit Services Inc)

There are very few who have acquired the speaking and teaching talents with which Jim Means has mastered. (Jim Chenoweth, Vice-President - Modern American Life Insurance Co)

To put in a letter the total impact you have had on our company is virtually impossible. Your ideas and methods are so practical and effective. It is embarrassing to think why we have not always used you. You rate as high as possible in our book. (Frank P. Delarzelere Jr., Vice-President - A.B. Dick)

Jim Means is one of the freshest, most stimulating and uplifting speakers I have ever heard. (Hugh Finnerty, President - Southwest Sales and Marketing Executives Association)

I have found Jim has real charisma and tremendous charm, coupled with a great reservoir of knowledge. He is the best salesman I have ever seen. This makes for a knockout presentation. (Dan Bellus, President - Zigmanship Inc former to Zig Ziglar Corp.)

A powerful, inspirational talk, the students were really "lit up" and have been talking about it ever since. It is such a pleasure to have a dynamic speaker such as yourself who can work effectively in several environments. Thank you again. (Thomas E. Berry, PhD, Professor of Business Administration / Southern Methodist University)

You have been very informative and I have had reports of some dramatic changes in our members' organization's and also in their personal lives, as a result of your work. (Carl Williams, Executive Director - Associated Builders Contractors Inc)

Your work for our company has been professional and concise and got us the results. (Madeline A. Teague, President - TEACO Inc)

Showed us how to improve and manage relationships. Helped us dramatically with sales and fundraising. (Roger Dahl, Executive Director - American Red Cross)

He has such a knack for putting people at ease, while delivering life changing strategies. His presentations are full of humor which makes it so enjoyable to learn from him. (Judyth Castle Berry - Ethan Allen Interiors)

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